Covid 19 Safety Measures

At this time, we will be opening the golf course Saturday, May 16th.  We have implemented the following measures to ensure your well being as well as our front-line staffs as this is our top priority. Memberships, league payments and day to day green fees are all available for purchase at

The following items have been implemented to ensure your experience is safe:

Arrival / Prior to Arrival

Reminder signage covering proper social distancing will be placed at the Proshop, Red Tree Turn, 1st Tee and outside our main entrance.  Proper handwashing and sanitizing posters placed in all washrooms, and sanitization areas.

Golfers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to tee time. Express check in on the first tee is available for those that have paid online for their daily green fee, memberships, and league members.  If the golfer is a member, league member or has pre-paid a daily green fee they will head straight to the first tee. Email confirmations will be sent to those league members after the Proshop staff virtually checks them in.

Golfers will be greeted outside of the Proshop from a staff member reminding them of social distancing measure and proper safety policy.  Golfers will be asked to leave if they do not appear to be following the safety protocols.

  • No cash transactions permitted.
  • Golfers can bring golf clubs to the bag drop station, or to the assigned golf cart as directed. No golf carts will be permitted in the parking lot for any reason
  • Our washrooms in the clubhouse will be open but we won’t have anything available on course, one person at a time in each washroom.
  • All golf carts will be near the putting green and will be assigned to you. One player per cart.
  • You must have a tee time to play as no walk-ins will be allowed.
  • It is suggested that all golfers bring a bottle of water and hand sanitizer with them for their use during their round.
  • Alcoholic beverages from off property are prohibited at this would be in violation of our liquor license.
  • Congregating anywhere after your round is prohibited.
  • Please return your golf cart to the assigned washing station (near cart coral) and remove your garbage from the cart

During your Round

  • All scorecards are in a box with pencils prewrapped with zip locked bags including all league cards and available only upon request.
  • Flags will be removed from the practice putting green and a maximum of 5 people allowed on the surface at a time with predetermined practice areas marked out.
  • Holes have safe touchless cups to allow your ball to be holed without any contamination taking place. Pins are always to remain stationary.
  • Removal of ball washing machines, rakes, divot repair boxes and limited garbage cans.
  • All leagues will be taking place, but the clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.
  • Tee time intervals are 12 minutes apart.
  • Preferred lies are permitted in the bunker. After taking your shot, please smooth sand with your foot or club.
  • All players on the course during a Lightning Alert, must proceed to their vehicles as promptly as possible.
  • Remain 6ft. apart from all players always and a reminder to not shake hands post round.


  • Proshop is open. One person allowed in at a time. We won’t be accepting cash.
  • One person in a cart at a time unless from the same household. Please bring ID to verify.
  • There's a hand-sanitizer station in the outside the prop-shop, inside the pro shop, at Red Tree Turn and on course at 1st tee.
  • We will be supplying pull carts but recommend you bring your own.
  • Golf carts and pull carts are cleaned after every use with Covid-19 approved sanitizer.
  • No rental equipment will be available.
  • Golf shop can be viewed for purchasing virtually or in a one-person at a time process with curbside pickup available. Staff will show items but limit customer touches on retail items as much as possible.
  • No league cards will be handed out this season as you will receive an email after using each round on your card.

Red Tree Food and Beverage Open 10-6PM

  • There are predetermined line up areas for both the Proshop as well as Red Tree, please follow the proper 6ft/2m separation.
  • Beverages will only be available at Red Tree along with a daily meal. These meals will be available for curbside pickup to the public as well.
  • The patio will not be available to sit and dine.
  • We won’t be having a beverage cart on the course.
  • There are predetermined line up areas at Red Tree, please follow the proper 6ft/2m separation.
  • All food preparation stations are disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • Gloves and masks are worn by all staff interacting with food items.
  • Food deliveries are sanitized in a pre-inspection area and taken out of packaging upon arrival.
  • All food items are coming from Canadian companies and not being imported.
  • No cash transactions.


  • Staff will be wearing proper PPE in the form of gloves and masks.
  • Please respect the 6ft/2m rule when interacting with them.
  • Staff will be assigned their own workstations, phone throughout a shift. They will be responsible to clean beginning, throughout and at end of shift.
  • Plexi-guards will be installed at service counters for further protection.
  • Staff will be trained on proper hand sanitization/washing and proper cleaning product use.
  • Staff will be educated on the symptoms of COVID-19.

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