Experience Nonstop Recreation
And Uninterrupted Relaxation

Whether you’re looking for nonstop recreation, uninterrupted relaxation, or any combination of both, Rochester Place makes it possible to do as much or as little as you want. Going way beyond golfing, we offer a diverse range of activities and amenities throughout our secluded and private 167-acre resort property. From lounging by the pool and enjoying a cocktail at Parkside Grille to hitting the lake for boating and fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking to aqua-fit and yoga classes, Rochester Place truly is a playground for anything and everyone.

Resort Season: May 1st – Oct. 31st


Whether you’re just starting your family or you’re anticipating the delight of grandchildren-to-come, the selection of cottages and trailers offered by Tilbury Auto Sales and Rochester Place Resort provide options for every size family and also for every budget.

Imagine how satisfying life will be for you and your family as you explore the 167 acres of paradise. At Rochester Place, you’ll never hear the kids say, we’re bored. Watch your active and growing family spending quality time splashing in the pool, Rochester Place Resorts is the ultimate lifestyle destination.

Speaking of activities, Rochester Place Resort has cornered the market. Get to know the families in your new seasonal retreat. Play a round (or three) of golf. Invite your friends and extended family to visit your lovely home-away-from-home. With a sparkling pool, a fun-filled playground, and access to the waters of Lake St. Clair, there’s no end to the simple, refined pleasures you’ll enjoy.


Want to stay active, socialize, and savour the outdoors in your retirement? There’s no place better than Rochester Place. With an immaculate 18-hole golf course, full service restaurant, sparkling pool and a full activities calendar, you’ll have ample opportunity to stay engaged, entertained, and healthy. Take a yoga class, walk our spacious grounds, or socialize at the restaurant…every day will offer a bounty of outdoor leisure choices.

Worry-free living is all yours at the Renaissance Community. From the lush lawn you never have to mow to the lifeguard-supervised pool and the easy travel from anywhere in Southwestern Ontario, get ready to make memories you and your loved ones will cherish.



The ideal place for couples to reconnect and enjoy an escape from the pressures of daily life, Rochester Place is attractive and affordable, whether you choose to purchase one of the nine unique styles of residence or you simply slip away for a weekend, full week, or even a monthly stay.

Rochester Place Resort provides the ideal setting for couples of all ages looking to work on their golf game or just who crave fresh air and fun and a break from the city life.

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